What value does the SocialPass app offer to you as a visitor of a restaurant or an event?

Confidentiality, security, and more time to enjoy

SocialPass – Your Fast Track Access

SocialPass is the key to easy access to all locations and events that need to collect your visit information. At the entrance, your secured QR code is scanned – done. There is no need to manually fill in lists and verify data and you save the time involved. You also reduce the risk of contagion via a list which passes through different hands. Queues no longer exist or are getting shorter.

Fully confidential

There is no list that shows other people what phone number you have or who you were with. The data is played directly to a secure server – no data is stored locally. After 14 days, this visit data will be deleted automatically. Your data remains on your smartphone, the hostess or the organizer does not have access to it.

If an authorised health authority needs the data, it can either view it directly on the server or request a PDF with the data of a specific day and hour from the organizer.

Download SocialPass to the benefit of yourself and of the community

We all have an interest that there are no avoidable contagions, no second wave. SocialPass makes it easy and secure to achieve this goal. As a customer/guest, you contribute and at the same time you benefit from an uncomplicated, fast, and confidential access to a variety of locations and events.

All you need to do is download the app and enter minimal information. After that SMS verification of your phone number the secured QR code is stored on your smartphone. The use of the SocialPass app is free of charge.