For whom?

Organizer – SocialScan App

Wherever registration is compulsory or simply makes sense: Gastronomy, events, hotels etc, concerts, theatres, cinemas, retirement homes, churches, sports trainings-events, rehearsals, meetings company / communes ….

How does it work?

  • Download the app on mobile devices
  • Fill in some data
  • Scan QR code from customers’ smartphones
  • If the case: Add info such as room number or training group
  • If your own health authority is not yet participating: Download PDF with visit data if requested by your Health Authority.


  • Less registration effort than with paper lists, less waiting time, fewer queues, more customer satisfaction
  • No list retention, data backup
  • No effort in tracing contacts
  • More reliability of information
  • More privacy
  • Less reputational and legal risk

Visitor – App SocialPass

  • Download the app on your smartphone
  • Fill in some data
  • Hold the smartphone with the QR code to be scanned by organiser
  • Save time at the entrance
  • Increased privacy: no lists lying around, no personal information on local computer.
  • A single QR code for all participating events, localities, etc. makes it easy to visit.

Contact the tracers of participating Health Authorities

  • Ask for secure keys
  • Inform tracers
  • If a positively tested person informs about the visit to a restaurant, ask for the PDF with the information who else was there or access database directly
  • Call the persons to be informed.
  • You do not depend on the memory of those tested positively
  • Reliable information
  • No search for phone numbers
  • Faster contact, alert with less delays – exposed person can be quarantined earlier
  • Health Authorities are more efficient, need less contact tracers.

For all

Automatically in the background
Process security

  • Secure QR codes
  • No data in operation
  • 256-bit encrypted transmission
  • Requests with dual authentication
  • After 14 days, the data is automatically deleted
  • The data remains confidential
  • The data is reliable
  • No risk of data leakage with corresponding consequences
  • A good conscience – with little effort contribute to the good cause: the containment of Covid-19.

For the country

  • Fewer infected
  • Less suffering
  • Less economic damage