Why work with SocialScan as an organizer/hostess?

Welcome your guests quietly, fast, safe, discreetly, and efficiently

 Your challenge

More and more national and regional authorities are demanding that more and more types of businesses and entities ensure that visitors are correctly recorded.

In conversations with companies that (must) collect their customers’ data, we heard two main concerns:

  1. Guests do not want to register or they leave behind false data because they do not want others to know who they are or with whom they were together.
  2. Registering the data correctly and managing the lists is expensive, but it is also important, because the impact on a health, financial and reputation level can be severe if proper registration is neglected.

The solution

SocialScan resolves these concerns, using tools from the world of your customers: apps they can download from Apple or Google stores.

Process and solution are simple: you download the SocialScan app and enter minimal information about your location/company. You are ready!

You scan the QR code visitors show on their smartphone and add information if needed. Done! These additional information elements can be (e.g.): table number and waiter in a restaurant, event name and room in a hotel, name of visitors and visitors in a retirement home, participants of group trainings or rehearsals, in a company or a municipality you may want to capture meeting leaders and meeting rooms. The app is flexibly designed for use in all possible industries.

After scanning the SocialPass QR code at the entrance, the data is transferred to a secured database. There is no data left lying around. If an authorized health authority wants to know who was with an infected guest at a certain moment in time, you generate and send a PDF list. Authorized personnel from health authorities using SocialPass can access the database directly. As an organizer or host, you would have nothing to do with tracing anymore.

What value does it have for you?

With the use of SocialScan you

  • become more efficient, your employees can devote themselves more quickly to serving guests or you need even fewer employees at the entrance to your location
  • you increase customer satisfaction: guests can quietly enjoy the time at your restaurant or venue, without losing time in queues or with administration. They do not have to fear that anybody will know where you were and with whom
  • reduce the interaction and thus the risk of infection between guests and your personnel or associated with filling out a form others use as well
  • Get rid of the effort of keeping lists and you have information required available on short notice, possibly required by health authorities during the rush hour or when those managing the process are not present.
  • Contribute to reducing the Covid-19 spread, which benefits us all.

Download the application and register. It only takes a few minutes. The first 3 days of use are free, after that the cost is CHF 20/month per establishment, event. The number of users per establishment, event is unlimited.